What is FinFinder?

FinFinder is the ultimate fishing log book.


Electronic access anywhere you have internet access

Ability to share your log book with selected friends and get access to their log book

Ability to subscribe or access a professional guides log book through either a CatchNet or a CatchPlan purchase.

CatchNet - an annual subscription you get access to a professional fishing guide's Catch Net (aka Log Book). Our guides will make at least 4 entries to their log book a week when they are fishing. Purchasing a CatchNet is extremely valuable if you fish the same body of water most of the time.

CatchPlan - you purchase a bank of days access to any of our professional guide's CatchNet (aka Log Book). You pick which days you access and from which guide you would like access. A CatchPlan is ideal for the fisherman who fishes different bodies of water and wants to increase the probability of success every time they go out.