MyFinFinder Is The Ultimate Fishing Log Book. 

Build the ultimate log book, by recording your success, sharing it with your friends – and have them share their success with you – as well as subscribing to a professional guide’s catch log to make your time on the water more productive.

Ultimate Catch Log

With MyFinFinder you keep track of where, how  and what kind of fish you catch in your Catch Log Book and have the ability to combine your information with your friends to build the ultimate Catch Log.  Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to professional fishing guides and their Catch Logs.

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GPS Maps

Whether on the water or back at the dock you can easily record the exact GPS locations of where you caught fish to access in the future to ensure a successful day on the water.

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Get Social And Catch More Fish

Get connected with your fishing friends or make new ones. Log your fishing successes and share vital information with only the people you choose. By staying connected, you’ll have the ultimate log book to stay on the fish!

Access to Guides

By subscribing to our guides for a low monthly subscription fee per guide, you get access to where the guides are catching fish, and stay up to date on where the action is.   The great thing is you can subscribe to as many guides as you would like!

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