Mothers Day

And Memories of Fishing’s Past

The day to celebrate and say “Thank you” to some of the most important women in anyone’s life is this weekend. Not that they shouldn’t be celebrated every day but it is the national day for it. Mom, grandma, great grandma, whoever you choose to celebrate make sure you do and let them know. Without them you wouldn’t be here.

My mom has never been particularly interested in fishing herself but she is in a number of my fishing memories. I was curious if she had any from her childhood or mine that she loved. She had a number of them. Learning how to clean her dad’s catch with him and learning how to cook them up with her mom. Then there was teaching me how to put bait on a hook and showing me how to handle a catfish so the barbs wouldn’t stick me. But interestingly she said her favorite memory didn’t actually involve her very much.

When I asked my mom why that was her favorite fishing memory she replied “The look of joy and pride on my little boy’s face when he showed me those fish was priceless. Listening to him tell me about the adventure he had with his dad trying to find a place to fish and about the nice people he had met, as a mom that is a perfect memory.”

So, even if your mom isn’t in to fishing herself she might have great memories that involve fishing. You should ask her, or whoever you are celebrating this Sunday, what their favorite memories are. The answer might surprise you.

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When I was little, my family and I went on a trip to Arkansas. I was around 7ish so my sister would have been in her mid teens. A typical teen, she was none too happy about being forced to go on a spring break vacation with her parents and little brother instead of getting to hang out with her friends and she wasn’t trying to hide her disappointment. One morning my mom and dad thought it would be a good plan for everyone if he and I went to have some “guy time” and the ladies would go do their own thing.

My dad brought up the idea of finding a spot to do some fishing. I jumped at the idea. The only problem being that, since we hadn’t planned on doing any fishing, we didn’t have any gear or proper licenses. Luckily at the time you didn’t need a license to fish at a fish farm in that area. That probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting, or sportsman like, fishing but to a 7 year old that hadn’t planned on getting to fish at all it sounded great.

We had our plan so we set off. We hit Missouri before we found one. I’m not entirely sure what the exact back and forth was between my dad, the two men, probably in their early 20s, and their mom was but the gist of the story was that they were about to close because they had just gotten word that their father and third brother had been in a bad car accident in Texas. I remember them all chuckling at the irony of us having come from Texas when they were about to drive to Texas. I have to say they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and considering what their family was going through they had every right to turn us away but for some reason they didn’t.

They hooked us up with gear and bait, showed us where to go, chatted with us while I fished, and cleaned the trout I caught for us. Grand total we were probably there for half an hour. Once we made it back to the condo my mom fried up the trout using Ritz crackers, egg, and milk for the breading with a bit of salt and pepper. One of the best meals I’ve ever had.