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Artificial Lures

There are a great many different artificial lures that can be found down here on the Texas coast. I thought I’d go into some detail about the appearance of each so that it is easier to distinguish one from the others. I’ll go into more detail about how they each fish in their own blogs… Read More

Dawn Patrol – Surf Fishing

The “Dawn Patrol” sounds like something out of a fantasy series but, down on the Texas coast, it is what Surf fishman are cheekily called. Getting up before dawn is nothing new to most fishermen but it is especially useful when Surf fishing. One reason is the incoming tide. This is best because fish will… Read More

Fishing in the Wind

Wind can easily ruin a fishing trip but, if you know how to work it, it can make for an exciting trip with plenty of rewards. Most of what I will be talking about applies to the coast but you can probably take some of it inland. First I’ll talk a little bit about each… Read More


Useful information and tips Redfish, or Red Drum if you wish, are one of my top five tastiest fish. They can be anywhere from a deep blackish to a more coppery color, and can even be nearly silver. Though the most common color is reddish-bronze. Whichever color they start it always fades as it travels… Read More

Gulf Coast Live Bait – Tips

I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to start this. Should I start with tips on the number of bait to buy or tips on fishing with it. They can each impact the other. If you buy a lower number of bait you might be more inclined to watch how you’re fishing with… Read More