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Gulf Coast Live Bait – Tips


I had a hard time deciding where I wanted to start this. Should I start with tips on the number of bait to buy or tips on fishing with it. They can each impact the other. If you buy a lower number of bait you might be more inclined to watch how you ...

Gulf Coast Live Bait


The wiggly things keepers find tasty. Another two part! This week I thought I would talk about some of the various live baits found in and around the Gulf areas. Next week I’ll talk about some of the tips I’ve learned for fishing with live bait. ...

Wade Fishing – Tips and Tricks


You don’t want to start getting strikes if you’ve left something vital in the car. Last week I talked about some of the key gear to take when jumping into the water. If you missed it, make sure to check it out. Regardless of what gear you dec ...

Wade Fishing – What gear is a must have?


I personally don’t mind wading while it’s chilly, less people to share the fish with, but I understand why some would wait until the warmer days.

Mothers Day


My mom has never been particularly interested in fishing herself but she is in a number of my fishing memories.