About Us

We love fishing and everything that goes with it, but lets face it fishing is more fun when you are catching. Being able to locate the fish and knowing what bait to use is the Holy Grail of fishing. Like most fishermen we have a group of buddies that share information and help each other be more successful with our limited time on the water.

Sitting around one day we came up with an idea to use technology to help us share each other’s log books and increase our chances of having success on the water. That idea grew from there to produce MyFinFinder.com and our MyFinFinder iOS and Android Apps. This is the ultimate Log Book for the weekend warrior and serious fisherman. FinFinder allows you to share your information with a selected group of friends so you have the information you need to make your trips a success.

Not only can you share information with only the people you choose, but you can also get access to the Catch Logs of professional fishing guides. Whether you want access for the whole year or just a couple of days with MyFinFinder you can get the information you are after to make your time on the water productive.

Team BDG